6 Ways Businesses Can Use Self Storage in Peachtree City, GA

6 Ways Businesses Can Use Self Storage in Peachtree City, GA

By Brett Vincent

Self storage in Peachtree City, GA offers an excellent opportunity for small businesses to thrive and expand. By renting a unit, small businesses can efficiently and securely store and manage their property. Storage units serve various functions that enhance business operations and provide additional space without the need for costly investments in dedicated office or warehouse space.

Gatekeeper Self Storage offers storage units in Peachtree City that can provide a high-quality service for your business. We recognize that your business’s needs can change rapidly and work with you to find self storage solutions that best meet those needs. Ready to get started? Get to know us and learn what sets Gatekeeper apart from the competition today.

1. Store Excess Inventory and Product

Ensuring you have adequate inventory to meet customer demands is crucial, but finding suitable storage space can be a challenge. As your back closet reaches its limit, expanding your storage capacity becomes necessary. Instead of leasing a large warehouse or cluttering your office, consider utilizing storage units in Sharpsburg to accommodate your extra inventory. This convenient solution offers a practical and efficient way to manage your stock.

  • Store Business Items

Gatekeeper strongly believes that temperature regulation is essential to protecting your items, including inventory that may require a little extra attention. Our temperature-controlled storage units in Tyrone offer the protection of a heated environment. Your inventory can be kept in pristine condition, so they’re ready to be received by your customers.

2. Store Bulky or Seasonal Supplies

Depending on your type of business, you may have supplies you only need for certain seasons or large, bulky equipment that you take to different locations. Storing them in self storage in Peachtree City, GA is a great way to free up space and keep equipment safely out of the way until it’s needed. 

  • Only Keep What You Need

You don’t really need tents and patio furniture in the middle of winter, and if you have equipment such as power tools or landscaping supplies for your business, storage in Peachtree City, GA is a great way to keep it out of the way. You only need to worry about keeping the supplies you’ll need on hand, and everything else is in one convenient location whenever you need it. 

  • Pick the Storage Unit Size That Fits It All

You want a storage unit that will hold everything you plan to store. Gatekeeper offers a variety of standard small, medium, and large units for you to choose from. The smallest storage units in Sharpsburg can fit small seasonal supplies like signs and decorations, while the largest can fit various kinds of lawn equipment with some walking room to spare. 

3. Expand Your Office Space

As your business grows, you’ll need extra space to work in, but you may not be ready to upgrade to a bigger office just yet. Renting the right storage units in Tyrone can add new office space for excess items. 

  • More Office Space 

Gatekeeper Self Storage in Peachtree City, GA not only has storage units to store your things and free up space but also provides a ready-to-use boardroom that can be reserved by tenants for important meetings. Our Peachtree City storage facility also offers rentable office space, allowing companies to conduct business without needing a dedicated office of their own.

4. Organize Files in a Storage Unit

It can be difficult trying to stay organized if you have files scattered across desks and spread across different file cabinets. Thankfully, self storage in Peachtree City, GA can be a perfect solution for keeping important files organized and easily found. 

  • Easy to Access When Needed

While it may be best to keep a few key files handy in the office, you still want all your files to be readily accessible whenever needed. Gatekeeper’s drive-up storage units in Tyrone are easily accessed from outside without having to spend time navigating hallways and corridors to reach your unit. Just drive up, open the exterior rolling door, and grab what you need. Then, simply close the door and be on your way.

  • Safe in a Secure Location

There are many things that a small business may want to store, such as documents or old computers. Our high-tech facilities feature 24/7 surveillance to closely monitor each storage unit. 

5. Keep Your Office Space Presentable

You want to keep your client-facing spaces neat and professional, which can be hard if they’re full of boxes and scattered supplies. You want them to know you are reliable and can be trusted to handle their business. After all, reputation is the most critical part of any small business, and making a good impression with your office is a great way to build an excellent reputation. Self storage in Peachtree City, GA can help keep your office space presentable. 

  • Reduce Clutter and Stay Organized

Self storage in Peachtree City, GA gives you a place outside the office to keep excess inventory, supplies, and other items you don’t need out of the way. This extra storage capacity ensures that your client-facing areas are free from clutter. It also means you don’t need to sacrifice your precious workspace in the back to keep the front organized.

6. Make Inventory Management Easier With Storage units

Running back and forth trying to find out which closet has what inventory items can be time-consuming and stressful, especially when ordering new stock and trying to fulfill orders. However, proper inventory management is key to a successful business in many cases, which is where self storage units in Sharpsburg can help.

  • Inventory All in One Place

Self storage in Peachtree City, GA keeps all your inventory in one convenient location and lets you organize it logically. You can choose the perfect size to give you enough room for all your inventory as well as storage space to work around it. 

  • Understand Your Business’s Needs

You need to have stock available to fill your clients’ orders. However, you don’t want to carry things that don’t sell well. Seeing all your inventory at once can help you make wiser decisions about what to stock and sell.

Quality Self Storage in Peachtree City, GA

Self storage offers an excellent solution for maintaining organization, maximizing office space, and creating additional workspace. It is the perfect resource for accommodating your business's growth and adapting to changing needs. No matter the nature of your enterprise, Gatekeeper provides exceptional storage options.

Discover the ultimate solution for your small business at Gatekeeper Self Storage in Peachtree City, GA. Rest assured that your inventory, supplies, and records will be securely stored, allowing you to work with ease. Embrace the opportunity to expand your business by utilizing our state-of-the-art storage units in Peachtree City today.

Are you wondering which storage unit size is right for your commercial storage needs? Check out our Size Guide to find the perfect storage solution for your business!

Brett Vincent

Brett, the hands-on Owner of Gatekeeper, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a background of 16 years in the paper industry as a mechanical engineer and operations manager, Brett has honed his skills with renowned companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, and Avery Dennison Corporations. As a seasoned investor himself, he takes joy in teaching others the ropes of the real estate market, empowering them to embark on their own successful journeys.